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Our History 

Established in 2007, New Hope Community Development Group is a non-profit organization established to provide programs and offer service to the community. Our active engagements promotes and supports community development by providing economic development, education and real estate development of affordable housing in East Greensboro, North Carolina.
We understand how difficult it is to sustain in our society today so we provide workforce training opportunities, youth leadership, food banks, and create jobs for members in the community.
Our Mission
To provide community engagement opportunities and foster inclusive practices within our community to those who might not otherwise be reached due to economic, educational, and lack of health care access.
  • Hampton Elementary
  • H.S Equivalency Classes
  • ESOL Classes
  • Community Gardens
  • Greensboro Housing
  • ESOL Child Care Services
Our Vision


To strengthen our community economically, socially, educationally, and culturally through civic engagement activities and programs that broaden individual and community capacity in order to address the needs of the residents and community members while enhancing the community’s ability to rebuild and sustain itself.
Contact Us
Phone number: (336) 897-1818
Fax: (336) 285-0351
New Hope Community Development Group serves as a community advocate. We provide community leadership programs, resident engagement that supports and promotes positive outcomes. We network and collaborate with other organizations, nonprofits, and local agencies to strength our resources to community.
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