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Community Action Teams

Residents lead the way in community changes through collaborating with organization, city and community members. Neighbors and friends work with each other on specialized advisory teams focused on housing, health, environmental issues and fresh food access.


Healthy Homes team participate in meetings regarding housing issues in the community, work with city and organization leaders by guiding them in what is happening in the neighborhood about housing challenges, advocate by speaking to city officials – all with the support of organization leaders and nonprofit agencies.
Active Living / Healthy Eating team will work with other leaders in the community to increase healthy food access within the area through advocating for more grocery stores, developing and building up community gardens, learning food and business entrepreneurship, building the community marketplace that takes place every Thursday, participate in coordinating activities with neighbors, organization leaders and community residents that promote healthy eating and an active lifestyle.
Outdoor Spaces / Active Places team works with organization leaders, community residents, Greensboro City Parks and Rec and Department of Transportation to create safe parks and sidewalks. Team members participate in coordinating activities centered on making the neighborhood a safe place to live. The team works on designing safe spaces in the community that will encourage residents, children and families to get out and be active.
Data team works with institutional leaders from local universities, organization leaders and community members to collect and analyze facts, figures and specific details about the community.  Residents give their view on what’s going on in the community through participating in meetings, collecting information about the community and looking over the information to help organization leaders understand the needs of the community.
Communications team works with organization partners and other residents to develop effective communications within Cottage Grove community and the partnership through various sources including online media, passing out flyers, neighbor-to-neighbor, etc. to promote partnership activities and reflections through guest blogs on key sites; print and broadcast stories, editorials; articles in journals.
Health Outreach team connect neighbors with Mustard Seed Community Health and Collaborative Cottage Grove; inform Collaborative about resident concerns, work with university interns (nursing, social work, public health, nutrition) to facilitate authentic connection with community.
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