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Who is Epoch Renewal?
 – We are… a non-profit organization privileged to
serve Burmese immigrant families in Greensboro, NC.
It all began in May, 2009 when three volunteers started working with one Burmese family in the Avalon Trace Apartments. Our goal then was to help this family learn English, get a job and become familiar with
what Greensboro had to offer.
In 2010 we became a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides programs that continue the work  of the local re-settlement agencies once their support comes to an end.
Epoch’s programs are designed to ensure the smooth transition of Burmese refugees into the American life-style.
We now serve dozens of Burmese refugee families in Greensboro, NC.
If you have an interest in volunteer work that provides opportunities to share tutoring, ESL, life and job skills while developing relationships with people of other cultures, please contact us.
Mission Statement 
Epoch Renewal, Inc. will provide programs to refugees that will support the acclimation to their new homes in Greensboro, North Carolina and guide them toward a life style of self-sufficiency
Our Vision
Epoch Renewal, Inc. will offer services to the Greensboro refugee community, beyond the scope of the local resettlement agencies. All of our programs are designed to assist with integration into American lifestyle through developing employment skills and other activities at the Cultural Resource Center while preserving ethnic heritage
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