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We are excited to welcome students and other volunteers to Collaborative Cottage Grove, community-led neighborhood empowerment.

Volunteer Opportunities

Community Gardener
  • Description:
    • The Community Gardener works closely with the residents of Cottage Grove, to ensure gardens are well maintained, including planting, weeding, and watering and help keep the garden beds fully utilized and developed.  
    • Community Gardener also help promotes health and self-sufficiency by working with residents on access to fresh food and gardening education.
    • Sign up contact:  Josie Williams, Project Coordinator,

Community Marketplace Planner
  • Description:
    • Help promote Cottage Grove market through various marketing strategies including social media, news, radio
    • Connect with various stakeholders and partners to plan events for the market   i.e cooking demos,

Internship Opportunities 

Program Planning Intern 
  • Description:
    • Collaborate with residents, partners and organizational representatives to:
      • ​Develop communications among residents, partners and funders.
      • Collect and analyze specific data about the community.
      • Work to create projects aligning Collaborative goals and work team objectives.
      • Assist in the implementation and maintenance of programs
      • Serve as advocates for community empowerment and capacity building.
    • Engage with community residents, professional organization leaders, and partners.
    • Act as a liaison in the community work teams.
    • Help design and implement community events.
    • Work closely with core project coordinators, partners, and community advisory team of Collaborative Cottage Grove.
    • Maintaining the living history of the Collaborative Cottage Grove.
    • Develop Cottage Grove brand and routinely update website and social media accounts.
Ways to stay connected. 
 For more information on how you can partner with us, volunteer, or intern contact
Francheska Elliot, Project Coordinator 

Thanks! Message sent.

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