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Cottage Grove for LIFE!

Greensboro Neighborhood 

From Decline to Rebirth 
The Cottage Grove neighborhood in southeast Greensboro bustled with shops and professionals in the 1950's and 60's; in 1975 the main street was renamed South English and became a cut-through from East Market to Lee Street. Business closings, little investment, and many broken promises later, neighbors formed the Cottage Grove Neighborhood Association and adopted the theme "Cottage Grove for LIFE" to proclaim the new energy for a healthy place to live. Now they are holding outside groups - and themselves - accountable to make that happen, together. 
Partners and Progress
And some of the bright future is now, 2016, with many positive developments
  • The opening of Mustard Seed Community Health’s primary care services on South English.
  • Raised garden beds in the backyard, planted by New Hope Community Development Group.
  • English and GED classes Tuesday and Thursday evening.
  • Greensboro Housing Coalition’s help advocating to rental property owners about housing-related health risks and discrimination.
  • Renovation of disastrously substandard apartments, through the efforts of Cottage Grove Initiative.
  • Hampton Circle of Friends organizing strong support for Hampton Elementary School’s amazing staff.
  • Wonderful relationships with Cone Health, UNCG, NC A&T, and Cooperative Extension.
  • A Community-Centered Health grant from BCBSNC Foundation for hiring a coordinator and Community Health Workers—jobs for the neighborhood.
Cottage Grove Neighborhood Association reaches out to neighbors to let everyone know that this time, instead of broken promises, positive changes are underway.
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