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Mission Statement
We are here to come together with and for the entire community. To educate and nourish our community members. To motivate, encourage positive events and programs that will benefit ALL who want to make a change for the better within the Cottage Grove neighborhood.
Our Values Include:
Community-Driven Communication, Dependable, Relationships, 
Perseverance, Grace, Integrity, and Inclusiveness.
We welcome and encourage you to volunteer to help promote a better quality of life in the community, improve and/or create better living conditions, improve health and wellness and encourage healthy  eating.
Come get affordable health care at the Mustard Seed Community Health Clinic, increase your healthy food intake and increase your exercise by engaging with other community members while planting and harvesting the produce at the Cottage Grove Community Gardens at Mustard Seed, East side Park, and coming soon the Cottage Grove Community Garden at Everitt Street . Learn English as a second language by taking FREE ESOL classes, start or finish your GED with FREE general education classes at New Hope Multi-purpose center right next door to the clinic. Contact the Greensboro Housing Coalition for a FREE Healthy Home Assessment and much, much more!  We believe in working together in order to create change that promote and build up  a healthier, safer, and stronger community.


In the mid 2000's when Skip Crowe was on the staff of Greensboro Housing Coalition, he became interested in the community along South English and learned that it used to be called Cottage Grove. He discovered the revitalization model of Purpose Built Communities (PBC), growing out of the experience of the East Lake community in Atlanta, GA. PBC's framework is mixed-income housing + excellent schools + health and human services. PBC provided free consultation for Greensboro community members and city planning staff working with Cottage Grove neighborhood residents, with PBC leaders Carol Naughton and Shirley Franklin as keynote speakers for the 2008 and 2009 Housing Summits. Skip formed Cottage Grove Initiative using the PBC framework.   
Over the years the partnership, now formally called Collaborative Cottage Grove, has expanded across various sectors locally and regionally. 

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