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Guilford College

The Bonner Center for Community Service and Learning brings together the campus and the community and provides students with an opportunity to understand and articulate ways in which they can give back.
The Bonner Center for Community Learning provides resources, opportunities, connections and direction that encourage the integration of academics and experience, campus and community, self and service, passion and purpose.
While the Bonner Center serves as the administrative hub for our Bonner Scholars program, it serves a much wider and more integrated purpose for our campus. Primarily, the center connects students with service opportunities within our immediate community, across the country and around the world.
The Bonner Center offers:
  • assistance and resources for faculty members who wish to include service learning in their courses, sometimes providing assistance in getting grants, stipends and workshops for service learning course development
  • service-oriented internships or independent study courses for academic credit
  • alternative break service projects where students spend spring and/or fall break focused on a service project
  • non-credit service through ongoing campus groups or placement in service agencies off campus
  • forums and panels with community partners
  • extensive service learning library with general information, as well as discipline-specific literature
Bonner Scholars
​Every semester, each Bonner Scholar completes 140 hours of service work, as well as 280 hours during each of two summers. Students selected as Bonner Scholars have demonstrated, through their application for admission process, an extraordinary commitment to and engagement with community service. Bonners write monthly reflections, helping them think deeply about their experiences and connect these experiences to their academic work. Bonners also attend monthly meetings that focus on service and community issues, as well as the productive accomplishments of their peers.
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