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Collaborative Cottage Grove

BUILD 2.0 Awardee 

Greensboro NC

Greensboro Housing Coalition 

Cone Health 

Guilford County Department of Health

and Human Services 


Collaborative Cottage Grove's Community-Centered Health Program is committed to the transformation of health, equitable community development, and inclusion of cultural diversity. The partners are leaders in changing housing systems to align health and housing. They are not only mapping asthma hospital visits and housing condition data to identify communities in need of support, but they are also developing funding for remediation and rehabilitation. Cottage Grove aims to foster healthy, resident-led communities by integrating community empowerment with environmental changes and high-quality onsite, primary and behavioral health care. These efforts will ultimately create a positive and measurable impact on hospital emergency visits and health disparities in the community. 

Targeted Impact 

In the short-term, efforts are expected to reduce non-emergent hospital Emergency Department visits and preventable hospitalizations from Mustard Seed Community Health. Medium-term, the program aims to reduce Emergency Department visits from the whole Cottage Grove Community, as this project's efforts change the environment for all residents. 


BUILD and its communities apply bold, upstream, integrated, local, and data-driven (BUILD) approaches to improve health in communities that are adversely affected by upstream factors. 

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